Building Trust in Brands

  BY JO PEARCE, Associate Consultant at SaturnFive  Within the hot, feverish world of marketing trust has always been talked about as the holy grail of building successful brands. Whether looking at functional performance of a product or more emotional benefits such as shared value association, social status reinforcement, or community membership, a brand simply […]

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Speak. Meet. Change. Repeat.

  By Andy Goram, Associate Consultant at SaturnFive The path for creating transformational change and alignment in organisations is well trodden.  As John Kotter laid out in the “8 Steps For Leading Change”, today’s CEO’s are well-versed in the stages required to bring their vision of their new world successfully to life.  But this path […]

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Transform the Transformers

Trust. Big brands are headline news again. Scandals at Uber, the ignominious collapse of Carillion, the recent Facebook data breach and now the Google EU fine. Each has exposed a lack of corporate governance, the absence of responsibility or just basic greed. They also show the fragility of brand reputation. Many of these brands have been […]

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The Marketing Dept. Driver or passenger?

Brand repositioning, product repositioning, digital transformation are familiar themes within the marketing and business fraternity but maybe it’s time to look at repositioning marketing itself and its place in the organisation. For marketing to be taken seriously it needs to be core, a leader in driving the business forward and an investment NOT an essential […]

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Brand is the organisation’s DNA.

Brand.  That much talked-about subject which marketers so love to pontificate over. When brand is thought of as purely a marketing activity it is immediately put in a box – it’s seen as something intangible, mysterious and expensive to manage. It’s perceived to be about logos, websites and communication activity Think of it another way. […]

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Transformation: Not a one-off exercise

No business is immune to change.  We hear lots about the technology revolution and digital transformation and there’s no escaping the seismic impact of these developments.  But they are not the only factors affecting how business needs to constantly adapt.  There are enormous social, economic and geo-political trends changing the way people behave. We have […]

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