Accelerated Planning For The Post-Pandemic World

Author: Neil Burrows, Founder and Managing Director at SaturnFive® With lockdowns and restrictions biting, the challenges for business have shown no easing as we enter 2021. Once again many organisations are facing uncertain, unpredictable and stop-start conditions – in some cases all three – leading to understandable caution and deferment of planned activities. However, this […]

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Building Trust in Brands

  BY JO PEARCE, Associate Consultant at SaturnFive  Within the hot, feverish world of marketing trust has always been talked about as the holy grail of building successful brands. Whether looking at functional performance of a product or more emotional benefits such as shared value association, social status reinforcement, or community membership, a brand simply […]

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Brand is the organisation’s DNA.

Brand.  That much talked-about subject which marketers so love to pontificate over. When brand is thought of as purely a marketing activity it is immediately put in a box – it’s seen as something intangible, mysterious and expensive to manage. It’s perceived to be about logos, websites and communication activity Think of it another way. […]

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