Accelerated Planning For The Post-Pandemic World

Author: Neil Burrows, Founder and Managing Director at SaturnFive® With lockdowns and restrictions biting, the challenges for business have shown no easing as we enter 2021. Once again many organisations are facing uncertain, unpredictable and stop-start conditions – in some cases all three – leading to understandable caution and deferment of planned activities. However, this […]

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Beyond Survival

As we ease towards a resumption of the so-called ‘new normal’ it’s going to be crucial for organisations to be pro-active and prepare for a different environment. The world is starting to come back to life, but there is still a huge amount of uncertainty about what this ‘new normal’ looks like. What do customers […]

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Planning Ahead – Revive or Thrive

  Authors Alex Frisby & Lucy Unger The business world is in survival mode, but as the crisis wears on, survival through reactive decision-making risks ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in the short term and missed opportunities in the longer term. Putting strategy into action means thinking proactively now so as to be fit for […]

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